Niche offers a full spectrum of specialized services when it comes to sourcing art. We help clients enhance their space or project with exceptional, original art. From acquiring artwork that reflects your taste and budget to framing, installation and collection management, we can help.

Areas of  Expertise

At Niche, we understand that your time is precious. Allow us to take away some of the stress associated with art acquisition. Our founder has over a decade of experience working with artists and private and commercial clients and understands the nuances associated with the art market. Niche has developed a comprehensive database of  contemporary artists working across a variety of genres, mediums and price-points.

consultation & proposal

Acquisition or commission

logistics & framing

installation & management


Our Mission

Is to make collecting contemporary art approachable and affordable. Niche will  define and source your art needs to help create a meaningful and aesthetically inspiring space.

Our Values

Art for you that feels like you



It's our fiduciary, ethical and moral responsibility to work for you. We pride ourselves on transparency and effective communication.

Our goal is to elevate your project by delivering sophisticated and considered artwork that is cohesive to your existing space.

After working with Niche, we aim for our clients to feel more knowledgeable about the process of acquiring art and confident in their taste in art.

The Creative Process

initial consult

Let's start with a free consultation so we can learn more about you and your project and goals


We'll edit through our extensive database and resources to find works that speak to your vision


Once a selection is made we will begin either the acquisition or commission process to ensure a timely finished install 


Collect with Confidence

Let's connect

Niche works with new and seasoned collectors or clients looking for a single statement piece or multiple pieces to grow a collection.

We use a series of connections with emerging, mid-career and established artists to propose thoughtfully curated pieces for your home project within the desired price range.

Our aim is to make collecting enjoyable simply by handling all aspects of the acquisition or commission process down to the final installation.


Curating spaces that inspire everyday

Niche sources and commissions art for clients working in interior design, residential and commercial development, real estate, retail, hospitality and healthcare industries.

We select works that reflect company values to create a company culture that inspires.  We understand the importance of project objectives like corporate image, aesthetic, timeline and budget. 

Niche procures or commissions art that will compliment your project goals all the way through installation. Niche provides a rotating art program to engage the community as a working asset as well.

Let's Connect